Monday, May 26, 2008

Color Therapy - Color and the Brain

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Color Therapy - Color and the Brain

Specific colors have different effects (list copied from
Black: self-confidence, power, strength
Blue: calming, lowers blood pressure, decreases respiration
Green: soothing, relaxing mentally as well as physically, helps those suffering from depression, anxiety, nervousness
Violet: suppresses appetite, provides a peaceful environment, good for migraines
Pink: used in diet therapy as an appetite suppressant, relaxes muscles, relieves tension, soothing
Yellow: energizes, relieves depression, improves memory, stimulates appetite
Orange: energizes, stimulates appetite and digestive system
Red: stimulates brain wave activity, increases heart rate, respirations and blood pressure.....

Vibrato : Gold : Wealth and Strength

Black and Gold Combination : self-confidence, power, strength

See Ballad

Points: Blue causes the brain to send off 11 chemical tranquilizers
Responsibility, trustworthiness, compassion

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Native American Color Symbolism

Native American Color Symbolism (varies by ethnic group - this source was not "authoritative")

Red (Faith): Communication
Yellow (Love): Overcoming challenges through unconditional love
Blue (Intuition): Using intuition to teach and serve
Green (Will): Living willfully
Pink (Creativity): Working
White (Magnetism): Sharing
Purple (Wisdom): Gratitude/healing
Orange (Learning): Kinship
Gray (Honoring): Friendship
Brown (Knowing): Self-discipline
Rose (Seeing): Motivation
Black (Hearing) Harmony; listening
Crystal (Clarity): Wholeness

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Asian Color Symbolism

Asian Color Symbolism

Red: Happiness, marriage, prosperity
Pink Marriage
Yellow: Against evil, for the dead, geomantic blessings
Green: Eternity, family, harmony, health, peace, posterity
Blue: Self-cultivation, wealth
Purple: Wealth
White: Children, helpful people, marriage,
mourning, peace, purity, travel
Gold: Strength, wealth
Gray: Helpful people, travel
Black: Career, evil influences, knowledge, mourning, penance, self-cultivation

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Astrological Color Associations

Astrological Color Associations (this source was not "authoritative")

Aries -- White
Taurus -- Yellow
Gemini -- Red or Purple
Cancer -- Bright Green
Leo -- Golden Yellow/Orange
Virgo -- Pale Blue or Violet
Libra -- Violet
Scorpio -- Reddish Brown
Sagittarius -- Orange or Purple
Capricorn -- Brown or Blue
Aquarius -- Dark Blue
Pisces -- White or Purple